Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Love Likes Shadow, I mean.

If you watched the Mario Teguh Golden Ways program before, you would get this:
“If it’s not crazy, it’s not love”. And I agree with it. I have it ones “smile and crying are love”, do you know why? because love isn’t at the longest smiling or crying. Suddenly we smile or cry without cause, it likes a crazier. Too difficult to say our feeling, too happy, too sad, everything you feel about love. “crazy=smile=cry=love?” don’t ask to me!
Each talked about love, it will focus to someone special, won’t it? I think so. And I have some meanings of love. Love is my mate, love is my friends, love is my family and many more. And they’re of special figure for us, aren’t they? Great!
But now, I would like to tell you about my sense of love. I don’t know why I want to write this before, want you to know that when I write this, I’m listening the love songs. Very nice, it’s unconditional feeling for me.
In this part of paragraph I write with the other feeling guys. Not the same as before. Like as I said, Love likes a shadow. we can’t guess the shadow has the same expression with us, whether he/she was also pleased, whether he/she is angry or sad. no one knows. shadow is always there wherever we go. the same goes with feeling, there will always be a feeling each of us breathe.
Love has many meanings, and sometimes it can make us very happy or it can very hurt us. I already can’t speak anymore about it, very hard to be expressed by the sentences

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