Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where's the promise we make?

Maybe my life's not worse than yours. Some envy it, some not. I'm happy and also sad.
Friend. I have friend that I can really rely on. Yes, friend. Just that one friend that I can really trust on. That I can express my emotions. I don't need lot's of friend when pretty much most of them are just bunch of hypocrite. I'm sorry if I'm being rude. But be realistic, people talk behind you. You know nothing and being good to them until the day you know the truth and lastly, hurt yourself. I know not all people are 'bad', but this generation, it's hard to find one that's actually care.
Boyfie. Currently in a crisis. Hoping for things to get better.
Family. Same as usual. You know how others sometimes go out with their family? Not in my case. I'm used to it.
School. See no need for schooling. Hope I'll pass this year, though.
Mood. Random, I'm disappointed in myself.
I guess that's pretty much how my life goes right now. Lifeless, huh? How yours?

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