Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm not talking about my crush or boyfriend.

Have you ever had this feeling when you don’t know that you must turn left or right?
When you know you’re loving yet hating.
You want to live comfortably without that person but you don’t want her /him to go.

Sometimes I wanna go somewhere they dont know. Without coming back. If that’s really THAT PERSON WANTS ME TO DO.
That person dont know i’ve always done my best. Not for anyone else. But for that person.
Or maybe i said something wrong
But seriously, i never mean to break a heart.
Just so you know, you break mine
as if all I do is nothing.
THESE THINGS are nothing.

Some told me to hold on….
Some told me to go....

God, I know you hear me more than what I’ve said.
I know you give me things more than what I want.
but right know, I’m not gonna ask you to give me something more than..
“tell that person the words i haven't said, so that person will understand, and everything will just be okay”

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